How to add testimonials on the CT Homes Replica theme

Inside your NicheBuilder account click on the [Websites] icon. Select the website and click on the [EDIT] button on the right. In the big dialog window that appears click on the [Open WordPress Editor].

The wordpress dashboard will appear.

Here is the link of the PDF training document that will show you how to edit your website:

On page 13 you have instructions on how to add testimonial on home page.

To add testimonial on the Testimonial page you will need to click on the pages inside the wordpress dashboard. Then click on the Testimonial page.

Once the Testimonial page editor appear in the content area of the testimonial page you will need to add testimonials. One below the other.

Once you finish click on the Update button. 

Article ID: 98, Created On: 11/29/2017, Modified: 10/3/2018

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