How to add ClickBank ID to your site.

To add ClickBank ID to your site you will need to open the website editor (dashboard). To open website editor inside your NicheBuilder account click on the [Websites] icon.

Select the website and click on the [EDIT] button on the far right.

When the new window appear click on the [Open WordPress Editor] for WordPress (Blog) site.

The Website Editor window will appear.

When the website editor appears hover over the [NicheBuilder] and from the side menu click on the [Affiliate Info].

How to add clickbank ID

When the NB Affiliate Info appears in the ClickBank ID field enter your ClickBank ID and in the Author Name field enter your Author Name that will appear on your blog posts. Once you are finished with editing your Affiliate Info click on the [SAVE CHANGES] button. 

How to add clickbank ID

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