Where the opt-in info from the forms on my site goes?

If the forms on your site are default, then the opt-in info from the forms is going to your login email address (One you are using to login into your NicheBuilder account). If you don't see those emails in your inbox, please check your SPAM folder.

If you want to change email address where the info is sent from the default forms, then please follow this steps:

Login to your NicheBuilder account, click the [BUILDER] tab and then click the [WEBSITES] icon.

The Website Editor window will appear. Click the [Settings] icon.

The Website Settings window will appear. In the "Contact Email" field input the email address you want to receive the opt-in info to. 

Once you are finished click the [SAVE&CLOSE] button.

Article ID: 81, Created On: 3/30/2015, Modified: 4/19/2017

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