How to setup NB Social Auto Poster

Inside your NicheBuilder account click on the [WEBSITES] icon and then click on the [EDIT] button next to the website.

The site dashboard dialog will open. Click on the [Open WordPress Editor] button on the bottom right of the dialog.

The Website Editor will appear in a new tab of your browser. Hover over the [NicheBuilder] menu on the top left and click on the [Social Auto Poster] from the submenu that appears.

When the NB Social Auto Poster page appears you will need to click on the [Click here] links next to each Social Media you want to connect the Auto Poster to so it can post on your behalf. 

Once you click on the [Click here] link a dialog will open asking you to authorize the Social Auto Poster. Make sure to allow every permission the plugin asks for.

Once you are done click on the [Save Changes] button 

Article ID: 80, Created On: 3/4/2015, Modified: 4/19/2017

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