How To Install A Favicon To A WordPress Site

 Inside the NicheBuilder account, click the [BUILDER] tab and then click the [WEBSITES] icon.

Select the Website where you want to add favicon and click the [EDIT] button on the right side.

The Website Editor window will appear.

Click the [PLUGINS]

When the Plugins appear click the [Add New] button

In the Search Plugin field enter the "cbnet Favicon" and press the enter.

When the "cbnet Favicon" appears in the search list click the [Install Now] button.

Once you install the "cbnet Favicon" plugin you will need to click the [Activate] link to activate that plugin.

Once your plugin is activated you will need inside the Website Editor window to hover over the [Settings] and from the side menu that will appear click the [Favicon] link

The Favicon will appear. Click the [Choose File] button.

Select the favicon image that you want to use for your website.

Once you are finished click the [Save Settings] button.

Article ID: 72, Created On: 10/26/2014, Modified: 4/19/2017

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