I cant find my new website on the Google or Bing search engines?

You may have recently created a website and then have gone to Google or Bing and tried to search for your site by its domain name and your site was not found in the search results.

This is mainly because the search engine spiders have not found and indexed your website yet.

There are literally millions of new websites and web pages added to the internet every day and Google and Bing search engines might take a few days before it finds your site and adds to their index. 

One way to speed this up is to do a press release, you can do one thru PRWeb, or here is a link to a list of free press release sites... http://mashable.com/2007/10/19/press-releases/

The search engines crawl sites like social bookmarking, press release, and article directories looking for new content all the time because these types of sites typically get updated thousands of times per day.  By getting a piece of content on any one of those types of sites that has a link back to your site will help the search engine spiders find your site naturally and then add it to their index.

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