Changes have not updated on my website...

If you have made recent changes to your website and you do not see those changes after you republish your site, this could be caused by your browser cache storing the old version of the website files.

Here is a support article that shows how to clear your browser cache...

You may need to restart  your computer to allow all of these changes to take effect.

The reason this occurs is becasue your browser is designed to download and store files from all the websites you visit so that the next time you visit that site it will load faster becasue it will not ahve to re-download those files.  But when you clear your cache and temp browser files, this requires the browser to re-download all files again when you visit your website the next time, and in that case it will grab the new version of those files and you should see your updated site settings.

This typically only occurs with images, like background images, header images and images in your content if they have the same name as the previous files.

Article ID: 46, Created On: 5/23/2013, Modified: 4/14/2014

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