WordPress website: Creating a Profile Picture

You will need to install a plugin that works with your website to display your avatar.  Directions are below.
As for the frames or pictures that are next to the pictures that you uploaded, I am unable to see this on the live website.

Go to: https://en.gravatar.com/site/login/   and login with the password that you have setup with your email address that you have on file with us.

Once you can login, upload your picture to this account.   

Log in to Niche Builder and publish or review your website.

Gravatar will automatically recognize your email address as the admin on your account.
Once Gravatar recognizes this, you will see your picture (that you uploaded to Gravatar) appear as the Admin pic in the top right hand corner.

The system will also recognize that you are the author of your blog posts and enter your picture into the the author bio pic area; but, you may need to go in and update/publish your old blog posts for the system to catch and update this on your live website.

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