Trouble with InfusionSoft and WordPress sidebar

The best way to fix any problems with InfusionSoft forms fitting into a website is to create a form inside of NB and use a post url from InfusionSoft to capture all of the information.  This will ensure that your form is 182 pixels wide.

You will want to go into the Builder button and find the second level navigation bar and click on Forms.

Here you will start the process of making a quick form using NB's builder.

Click [Add New] at the bottom of your screen and enter the niche name, form name and a description if you would like.
Click [Save]
From there you can add all of the extra inputs that you would like, if you choose to.
In the [Delivery] tab you will place your post url that you get from Infusion Soft.
You can go further to Design and layout if you would like.

Make sure you [Save] and then you will be able to place this code in place of your InfusionSoft code in your website.  This code will act exactly like InfusionSoft and all of your data and OptIn information will go directly to you IS account.

Article ID: 24, Created On: 5/22/2013, Modified: 5/22/2013

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