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To prevent related videos to be shown at the end of Youtube video please follow this steps:

Copy video URL by pressing right click on the mouse and selecting the "Copy video URL".

Paste URL in the new tab of your browser.

When Youtube video is open bellow video there is "Share" option and when you click on "Share" option, bellow will appear "Embed" option that you will need to press (see the link: ).

Now you will need to turn off the " Show suggested videos when the video finishes" by unchecking the check box next to it (see the link: ).

When you uncheck the "Show suggested videos when the video finishes" option copy the embed code (see the link:

Now you will need to login to you Niche Builder account, press the [WEBSITES] tab and then press the [EDIT] button on the right side of the website where you want to turn of the related videos.

In this case this is WordPress website.

When you press the [EDIT] button new window will open. In it click on Open WordPress Editor button in eh right bottom corner of your screen.

Locate where the old video code is and replace it with the new one by deleting the old code and pasting in the new one.  

If the video is in one of the blog posts, click on [TEXT] tab to see the code then you will need to select everything between this [] borders (see the link: ) and replace that with the new embed code.

At the end you will need to press the [Update] button (see the link: ).

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