Edit Homepage Content

 To edit a content on the home page of an HTML website is same as editing content on other pages.

Bellow are steps for editing content on first and any other page of HTML website.

Login to your Niche Builder account, press the [BUILDER] tab and then press the [EDIT] button on the right side of the website where you want to edit content.

The Website Editor window will appear. Press the Content snippet zone.

The Edit Page Setting menu will appear. Press the [Edit Content] option.

The Page Content Details window will appear. Here you can edit your content and when you finish with editing content press the [SAVE] button on the bottom of the Page Content Details window.

The Website Editor window will appear again. Press the [PUBLISH] icon in order that changes appear on the live version of your website.

Article ID: 16, Created On: 5/22/2013, Modified: 5/22/2013

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